Thursday, February 23, 2017

6 months


NEW! - [updated 2/24] Serina and I will be holding 2 art nude maternity group shoots in early May (dates still TBD). Both will be held on a Sunday. Serina will be a very full 8 months+ into her pregnancy...

One day will be for intermediate and pro photographers and will be booked in 1 hour sessions. Several sets will be available, both indoor and out - hopefully including an outdoor shower! Serina has some nice wardrobe selections, lingerie and of course a beautiful 8 month pregnant body. If this proves popular we will add an afternoon session on Sat. I will be the studio assistant if needed/desired.

(this is an available light studio, photographers will need to bring their own lighting, I will gladly carry gear and help set up)

The second shoot will be a workshop with Serina, using only available light. This will be an educational day. I will be demonstrating how to SEE light as well as use it and offering tips and advice on working with and the posing of models.

The funds from these workshops will be used for Serina's birthing expenses - she's a single mom and can use the help. It doesn't hurt that she's an extremely beautiful woman and a wonderful model to work with!

Serina is now 6 months pregnant, here's a sampling of our shoot from last weekend, enjoy:


Thursday, February 9, 2017

natural beauty


Serina is building her online presence. She now has a Model Mayhem page and I have 2 calendars of our work for sale over on my RedBubble site:

Symmetry and Serina

Now almost 6 months pregnant she's starting to show and we'll be doing some new work soon. But until then, here are a few images from July, before pregnancy.